OKR Framework Template for Notion - Miro template included!

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Unlock your team's true potential with clear objectives and measurable initiatives.

The OKR Framework for Notion is your comprehensive tool for setting, tracking, and achieving ambitious goals.

Tired of objectives that fizzle out or lack clear impact? Use this framework to align your teams, drive focus, and deliver results. The OKR Template for Notion is more than just a template. It's a framework that empowers you to:

  • Connect objectives to problems to solve collaboratively.
  • Set ambitious, measurable objectives that truly move the needle.
  • Engage your teams in the objective-setting process for deeper buy-in.
  • Connect objectives to actionable initiatives and tasks for clear execution.
  • Track progress automatically with simple but effective formulas across your databases.

Here's how it works:

1. Kickstart your OKR journey with a collaborative workshop. Access our Miro template and explanatory video to guide you through a successful session.

2. Capture the workshop outputs seamlessly in Notion. The template provides a clear structure for documenting objectives, key results, and initiatives.

3. Connect objectives to actions with confidence. Ensure every objective is supported by concrete initiatives and tasks that drive progress.

4. Make it your own. Personalize your pages with AI-generated cover images or generate your own using our prompt in Midjourney, creating a workspace that inspires you.

OKR Framework Template Walkthrough

How to start using this template?

After your purchase, you will receive a link to the template. You should open the template and click on "Duplicate" from the top right menu (•••). After duplicating, Notion will create a copy in your workspace.

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Last updated Dec 21, 2023

You will get the Notion Template plus the Miro Template to run a workshop with your teams and access to the explanatory videos.

Complete OKR Framework
Notion video walkthrough
In-page guidelines and instructions
Cover images for personalization
10 images
Workshop template in Miro
Workshop video walkthrough
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OKR Framework Template for Notion - Miro template included!

0 ratings
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